PCB containers

PCB Containers

Key Features

  • Self coloured plastic
  • Thermoformed
  • NATO numbered
  • Def-Stan 81-65 & 81-77 listed
  • Large range of sizes
  • Bespoke inner foam liners

Manufactured in tough, self coloured plastic, this versatile container offers a very cost effective packaging solution for the smaller item.

Designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of Def Stan 81-65 and 81-77, these containers were originally intended for printed circuit boards, but their potential was soon expanded upon and the size range increased rapidly.

Hundreds of sizes are now available, many of which have been NATO codified, they are lined with flexible urethane foam as standard (except where indicated).

Specially tailored liners to suit individual items are also available on request.

Standard Stock Sizes

Other sizes available or made to order.

PCB sizes