Army Industry QED has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing ruggedized containers for Optical equipment, Computer systems, telecommunications and munitions. With our knowledge of NATO, U.K. and U.S. defence standards we are able to recommend a solution to any packaging requirement. The Peli range, QED HI-K, Aluminium GP and Aluminium F&W containers offer…


Custom Industry With our in house design, tooling and manufacturing facilities we can offer you a bespoke service. Our product range of containers with engineered foam fitments combined with screen printing, labels and soft bags take your concept and turn it into reality.


Navy QED offer watertight, sealed containers up to IP67. Our expertise lies in interpreting customers complex requirements and designing solutions, using a wide variety of specialised containers. Custom one-offs are also manufactured.


Engineering Industry QED has the expertise to design and manufacture bespoke engineered solutions. Our skilled design department can produce 3D models and production drawings which are used to manufacture containers and configure foam inserts and shapes. Peli cases and QED Instrument cases are worth considering for portable case requirements.


Electronics Industry QED have the ability to identify the varying requirements of our customers, providing them with protective packaging solutions tailored around a ranges of proven standard and custom made containers. Our 19 inch shock mounted enclosures and the various carry case ranges are all excellent options.


Security Industry QED have a range of Peli and Instrument cases that offer excellent solutions to hold surveillance, optical and listening equipment. Not only can the cases be supplied with engineered foam inserts, but QED can manufacture panels, brackets and fitting kits as required.


Medical Industry QED are suppliers of containers for the storage and transportation of instruments and manufacturers of enclosures for training equipment. The protection from physical and environmental hazards are important considerations when designing containers to hold medical products. QED’s range of roto-moulded and aluminium containers can be fitted with closed-cell engineered foam inserts. Peli cases…


Scientific Industry QED are able to design a solution for your portable or laboratory analytical equipment. Using 19 inch shock mounted rack cases in aluminium or roto-moulded plastic for electronic systems or our range of Hi-K and Instrument cases for portable sensing and optical equipment.


PHOTOGRAPHIC INDUSTRY QED has supplied Peli cases and flight cases to major outside broadcasting companies and photographers for use around the world. Fitted with engineered foam inserts to hold sensitive equipment they offer a rugged solution for professional users.


RETAIL INDUSTRY Highlighting the importance of the U.K. retail industry, QED has key bespoke packaging solutions based around our ability to manufacture thermoformed plastic cases, shelves and headers for display units. In addition QED are able to provide coloured engineered foam inserts and presentation cases.